After 12 days

After 12 days, it's finally my day off today. It's been long days for me to keep on working everyday, but the reward is good and have enough money to pay this coming quarterly bills and of course have some extra to do Christmas shopping (lol).  Today, is a very good relaxing day to have a long hours sleep and just chill out at home.  Later, I'll do some house chores and go for grocery shopping, I better list what I need to buy so I won't forget the fatip brand razor blades he wanted me to buy.
In my mind, I think like doing some gardening but I feel like lazy to do today hehe. I think I'll just relax more until I got more energy to do it the next day off. As for now, I'm just browsing online and reading some useful articles maybe after this I'll have a power nap and start doing the chores.
Hope you all had a wonderful day.