New Contract

Last Friday, I went to my mobile network shop to renew my contract. Normally the network company  allows  and waive at least 3 months before the contract ends, so I grab the opportunity to use the benefits. Usually I do upgrade my phone when there is new release in the market but this time I didn't.  I had made up my mind and I've decided to lower my plan to save money.  With my current plan before I can't consume half of the value every month and it's waste only so I've picked the low monthly plan.  I'm just after for another new phone and happy to get the  lower plan that I think it's enough for me to use in a month to month basis.  I got the Samsung 4 mobile for the plan that I can only choose, 20 dollars difference it's not bad at all. Aside that it includes battery, it has also free  Beginner Headphones, now I had 2 headphones from previous S3 phone.  It would be handy in case I want to listen radio when I'm bored and in a quite place would be perfect to listen to it.
Now, I had S3 as my spare phone, it's actually almost 2 months old only, I'm still under warranty when it became faulty, so it was replaced a new one.  I plan to give this to my mum or brother when I go for holiday or send it to some friend who will visit sooner in the Philippines.