Laugh trip

I had this circle of friend, I've been catching up most of my spare time.  One friend is just a 5 minutes drive so it's a bit convenient especially she is just home all the time.  Her house was the hang out place of all friends to get together, so there we've seen each other more often.  We like to play card games to entertain us while chitchatting of anything and mostly exchanging jokes is the most funny part we like most.  Sometime we just play the music and listen to it at the same time we sing it together loudly and create our own versions (lol) that will make us laugh together.  I like it when the best acoustic guitar songs played, especially love songs that I can emotionally relate to the music. One thing we love to do is eating,(lol) that's the best part, my belly is getting bigger because of the yummy food we eat all the time. They're very kind and true friends I can say.
I'm just thankful and happy to have them as my friend.  I'll try and make sure I can be as good friend as them to treasure forever.

My Saturday

Yesterday morning I woke up early, my friends and I went for a walk in the beach.  It was fun and feels great to relax our body and get fit.  After that we just went home straight coz my friends has still work in the afternoon and so I have a bit of chores and do some preparation because in the evening same friends are coming for bbq dinner at home.

I came home and don't know where to start with my house chores.  I started to vacuum the floor and the carpet in the lounge.  I'd noticed the carpet design is slowly fading due to wear and tear. I like it's design the shade of green that I like to see in our house. I was thinking if it's really getting old soon and doesn't look nice for the lounge to display I'll replace it with the new design I'd like, the  safavieh rugs as you can see in the photo below: I like this kind of design.
After vacuuming the house, did some laundry, change the beddings and clean up the mess around to make it look neat and clean every corner of the house.  It was great feeling and  a productive day to end and accomplish the house chores.
A couple hours after hubby and I were just waiting for the friends to come over and cook some bbq for dinner.  It was a good night to catch up with friends especially to share some ideas in our random conversation.  It's never ending chitchat with more laughs and giggles until we didn't realize it's already 1:00am, so we start to end our conversation and say goodnight or mornight to each other. It was really a very enjoyable and fun night for all of us.

Shopping month

It's been a while since I went shopping, but this month I'm doing it like a marathon.(lol)  That's why sometimes I don't start doing it because it can be addictive (lol) I guess most girls can relate to me too.  Aside from shopping on the mall, I'm not contented but do it more online, what a shopaholic person I can be, last night I spent two hours or more just browsing for clothing, accessories, some other stuff and even bump into apogee quartet  on a special site online, Now, I had some selected stuff and ready for check out in my cart.
I had realized that I'm splurging around, going out with friends most of my free time, never ending shopping as if the shopping center will shutdown anytime soon.(lol)  But I guess because it's my birthday month that's why I'm just spoiling myself and trying to enjoy life to the fullest.  But no worries it will stop soon when I'm over bored with it. I have self control so I will not get broke, beside I don't by expensive ones, it's just stress free for me and I'm enjoying every moments of it.


Last Friday, my friends took me to Costco, a wholesale store of all sorts.  I had never been to that store yet as you need to join a membership which I'm not coz it's a bit of a drive. I was thinking why save a few dollars to buy something but then spend petrol on driving the distance when I can just buy some stuff in the nearby store.
Since my friend is a member and me being curious of what they're selling and people who talks about it, I was eager to go with them.  It was fun and memorable experience, they sell most bulk product and it's very inexpensive. If you have a big family, it was really a good store to purchase all your needs.  Some brands were imported like American and other Asian products  but of course with local products too.  It's very interesting, while wandering around lots of nice goods that if you can't control yourself you will lose your budget, from different kinds of chocolates, clothing brands, appliances, even patch cable, household products and all sorts of stuff everyone is looking for is just fantastic buy.
It's really a fun experience we had that day.  I've bought a few things which I really need in our house and it was surely a good buy.  I must come back again one day together with my friends again.