Shopping month

It's been a while since I went shopping, but this month I'm doing it like a marathon.(lol)  That's why sometimes I don't start doing it because it can be addictive (lol) I guess most girls can relate to me too.  Aside from shopping on the mall, I'm not contented but do it more online, what a shopaholic person I can be, last night I spent two hours or more just browsing for clothing, accessories, some other stuff and even bump into apogee quartet  on a special site online, Now, I had some selected stuff and ready for check out in my cart.
I had realized that I'm splurging around, going out with friends most of my free time, never ending shopping as if the shopping center will shutdown anytime soon.(lol)  But I guess because it's my birthday month that's why I'm just spoiling myself and trying to enjoy life to the fullest.  But no worries it will stop soon when I'm over bored with it. I have self control so I will not get broke, beside I don't by expensive ones, it's just stress free for me and I'm enjoying every moments of it.