Laugh trip

I had this circle of friend, I've been catching up most of my spare time.  One friend is just a 5 minutes drive so it's a bit convenient especially she is just home all the time.  Her house was the hang out place of all friends to get together, so there we've seen each other more often.  We like to play card games to entertain us while chitchatting of anything and mostly exchanging jokes is the most funny part we like most.  Sometime we just play the music and listen to it at the same time we sing it together loudly and create our own versions (lol) that will make us laugh together.  I like it when the best acoustic guitar songs played, especially love songs that I can emotionally relate to the music. One thing we love to do is eating,(lol) that's the best part, my belly is getting bigger because of the yummy food we eat all the time. They're very kind and true friends I can say.
I'm just thankful and happy to have them as my friend.  I'll try and make sure I can be as good friend as them to treasure forever.