Parade and Tradition

The Australian Day is coming soon, I can't wait mum to experience the said occasion.  Australian tradition during this day, like Bbq's, drinks and beach party was the most in the list.
I told her we will go to the city to witness the parade of all migrants from different countries who will wear their national costumes. I like also listening to the drum beats like sort of chad smith drums will sound beautiful, the exhibition of vintage cars, and some unique cycles on the street.  After that we will go to elder park to watch some events where the parade mostly ends, there you can see all the members of the parade on their actual attires.  I remember years ago I also join the parade with other co-Filipino migrants as our representative for our country Philippines.
These random photos was taken a couple years ago when I went to the city to watch the Australian day Parade. This is the same parade I want mum to experience too.