On her Spare Time

It's been a year now that my sister is living with us here in Adelaide.  She is an international student taking post graduate in Bachelor of Nursing. During her spare time or off from school, she catch up with her friends or classmates. They just hang out at home and have karaoke session.  One friend always bring her guitar to play while they sing along to the beat.   One day, as they're rushing and excited to get inside the house the friend just put away her guitar.  Unfortunately it was not on even surface or wasn't put aside properly that the guitar fell on the ground. And the handle was broken, they try to fix the string but I wasn't sure if they  end up fixing them when they got home.
I could have suggest to her to look up the guitar center where she might get interested seeing the different kind of guitars they sell online.
Anyway, as the friends keep visiting every now and then at home, I haven't seen the other friend carrying her guitar again but still the fun continues when they're all gathering together.